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AVS Result in X-Payments should show full text, not just code

AVS Result in X-Payments information is a critical piece of fraud-analysis information, but it's a major drag that it only shows the code. This requires you to keep an Authorize.net window open next to X-Cart always for the sole purpose of looking up the letter code to the human readable "Address + Zip 5 Match" etc.

It would be trivially easy for you to populate an array with the wording of the actual response codes. We used to have that in our previous shopping cart, and this is suddenly extremely manual and labor-intensive in X-Cart, for no good reason. Without this, the fraud analysis person eventually will overlook a fraudulent order, simply because of the work involved in manually looking up all codes on another website. Please do this, it'll take you 10 minutes to implement, and will make fraud analysis safer.

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