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Text Snippets

It would be great if X-Cart could get text snippets for repetitive text, e.g. warranty boiler-plate, links to bundles etc via tags like {{Warranty}} or {{Bundles}}. We have significant text that repeats from product to product, and we copy/paste A LOT. If the text changes, then we have to edit countless products.

It can be hacked now using CSS and content:after tags, but it's not pretty, and it isn't searchable.

By having {{Snippets}}, or even the ability to insert a language string (so that {{Snippets}} exists in multiple languages), it's possible to also have e.g. a different warranty for people inside the US and outside, and it could be edited in the current language interface.

This also makes it possible to have empty snippets so that certain text is only shown to German customers but not US customers etc.

Snippet tags should be full HTML. For example, we have a Bundle Discount banner we put at the top of some products. That's a DIV with text inside of it. This should be possible.

This would make it MUCH simpler to manage a lot of products.

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