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integrate MOLLIE major payment provider for MANY European payment methods

We miss payment provider Mollie (links below), for iDEAL payment and many European payment methods. The difference between your iDEAL and the Mollie iDEAL is not small, it is huge: Just for your clearness:​ Your ​i​DEAL cost​ 100 euro to start + 20 euros per month. Mollie cost 0 euros to start, 0 euros per month and ​​0,29 euros per transaction. + Mollie is THE payment provider​ ​for ​33.000​ (European) companies for MANY international payment methods, not only iDEAL​.​​​ And its manual for developers is very professional - for every professional development team it is easy to integrate Mollie in any system, thanks to good manuals.​ Therefore it may be justified​ to​ ​say that your temporary investment in the integration of this very useful payment provider for your European customers (not only for iDEAL) will be earned back soon enough. Perhaps, that I mentioned Mollie,​​ is a valuable​​​ ​​and​ profitable tip for you​​, which may not go unnoticed​.​​​

The documentation can be found here:
Complete developer manuals for European payment systems:

​A lot of international European webshops need iDEAL for their Dutch​ clients (iDEAL is the "Paypal for the Dutch clients").
Developer manuals:
en then click under Payment methods on iDEAL

Don't do it (just) for me, but for thousands of potential clients.

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