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X-Payments subscriptions

The module should provide an additional option for product attributes.

When using product attributes with price modifiers, there is currently no way to decide whether the additional costs of a specific attribute be added to the setup fee or to the subscription fee, which for example makes selling recurring services with various options impossible.

As a more general concept, it would also be very interesting that a subscription would not be entirely bound to a product, but more to an order (which would I suppose allow for the above feature).

A simple use case:

I want to sell an online service as 3 different plans (bronze, silver and gold). With the current features, I am unable to offer a plan upgrade to my customers during the subscription time which makes it very limited.

When manually stopping a subscription, there could also be some kind of reimbursement feature which would at least allow for stopping a subscription, reimbursing the customer for unused service time, and let him subscribe to another plan.

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