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Import and Export is Incomplete

Import and Export functions for the store need to be more complete. Especially with these latest releases where the database structure is incompatible with previous versions.

Three Examples:

1) Manufacturers - "missing"
2) Tax Cloud TIC codes - "missing"
3) Ability to export 3rd Party Modification data - never existed

There are quite a few other fields that do not exist in the import/export selection.

We are able to remove manufacturer data from the Tools page, but there is nowhere to import or export manufacturer data within the store tools. That is a lot of data to do by hand in moving from an older version of X-Cart. (clean URL, description, URL, title, META keywords, META description, etc.)

Additionally, as I saw mentioned in another suggestion, BULK importing of product images to the file system while linking to the ProductID and/or SKU and related image data should be included. This is OLD technology, as I was able to bulk import the image locations with the Storefront 5.0 software I used prior to my switch to X-Cart ten years ago! When working on sites with large product volume, X-Cart can be very difficult (time consuming) in ways that are unnecessary.

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  • Dave Nelson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I just use MySQL queries, PHPMyadmin, or another MySQL front end such as MySQl-Front or Heidi.

  • ADDISON commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Import/Export is one of the most important feature in a shopping cart. It needs a special attention. I played with different shopping carts. Even Magento has a big problem with Export feature which creates trouble. I hope XC engineers will revise Import/Export and provide the best solution in this case. You just got 3 votes for this.

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