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Allow for zero-quantity Items on an Order - X-Cart 5

By design you are currently not allowing the quantity of an item on the order edit screen to be 0 on any of the existing items or a new item, or a new text line that is added.
We would like to allow for that. Allowing an item on the order to be edited and have a zero quantity is crucial in having an ability to create a "Quote" for a client. A quote can easily include item description and pricing, but not quantity. Not having a quantity allows to leave an item on the quote for "consideration" by the buyer, but without that item affecting any of the totals.

Implementation details :
In the order edit screen, we would like to allow to do the following "only if the order status is either "New", "Processing", or "Returned" :
a) "ALLOW" to change an existing quantity of a "product" or a "text line", to 0
b) "ALLOW" to enter a new "product", or to enter a new "text line", with a quantity of 0

Once the order status is Not : "New", "Processing", or "Returned", then the quantity can no longer change to 0 . But do allow an item "to stay" with quantity 0 if it is was already set on the order when the shipping status was New or Processing or Returned.

The "Grand total:" should still never allow to be less than $0.00

(See implementation details on Order # 162365)

Thank you

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