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Show Retail Pricing & Wholesale Pricing - Wholesale Module

In the Wholesale Module for X-Cart 5 there should be an option to show the Retail Prices when a Wholesale Pricing is added to a product.


-I have created membership level to 'wholesale-teir'
-Assigned the member the membership level 'wholesale-teir'
-I have added pricing for a product for membership level 'wholesale-teir'
-When they are logged in they should see both retail and 'wholesale-teir' prices on the product page.

-If no wholesale pricing has been set for a product there should be an option to display a message on the product if there is no wholesale pricing to display "Contact Us for your wholesale pricing"

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  • David Swait commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed. Something we did not know until after the fact was customers do not know the price they are seeing is the discount price then they call asking what the retail price is, and they won't do it for every item as that is just time wasted. If the customer is jobber or wholesaler, they really need to know the retail prices along with their prices. It should show both prices just like when you put something on sale. They don't have to show the markdown percentage, just the two prices.

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