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Sell products by cases and/or single units

I have some products for which I have created variants for multi-quantity purchases. For example, I might sell my widgets individually, by a pack of six or a case of 24. Customers get a discount for buying a pack and a larger discount for buying a case. I have set this up as variants as single widget, pack of 6, and case of 24 with appropriate pricing.

I did not use wholesale price functionality for additional quantities of a product because I want the discount only to apply to full packs or cases. For example, if someone orders 10, they should only get the pack price on 6. We save packing costs, etc. when customers order packs or cases. I want to encourage the guy ordering 10 to go ahead and get two packs rather than giving him an option to order 10 and get the 6 price.

What I would like to be able to do is manage the total quantity in stock (lets say I start with 10 cases (240 pieces). I'd like for this to be reduced by 1 if the customers selects the single widget variant, 6 if they select the pack and 24 if they select case. As it is now, I have allocate my inventory between the three and manually adjust it if orders are running more heavier than typical on one variant or another.

We need a mod where we can turn on or off on a product by product basis (some of our variants are typical different colors, sizes, etc. and this feature does not apply). When turned on, only one variant carries inventory and the other variants are defined as some multiple of the other one so inventory adjusts appropriately.

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