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manually invoice, not auto

the system automatically generates invoices after placing the order (regardless of whether it was paid or not). This is problematic for me, because if someone resigns from the order. I will have to make a correction. - it is not the goal.

I would like to manually invoice. Then the script would be perfect.

The present solution is unfavorable for the Polish tax law its problematic.

For example:
XYZ he placed the order, and system automatically generate invoice after set any payment option (screen in attachment)

My suggestion for developers:
XYZ placed the order, and generate ONLY info about this order.

Now, when i see "XYZ has payed" so i "click" and generate invoice for customer.

This is problem because:
1) when customer didn't pay, i have to make correction invoice (if you know what i mean- for delete this invoice- for tax government). that's problem with more orders and more people whos didn't pay or cancel order.
2) when i will a sick leave (this is a time, when im sick, and i must be in regeneration), i can't making invoices (thats stupid law in my country xd),
3) i can make PROFORMA Invoice- but this not solutions for problems- now, people who's not paid, or people whos canceled own orders- i have to make corection invoice.
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  • Damian commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In my country, all programs are have this option- it is a.. "must have" into program. :/
    In my opinion that's would do be like default option for on/off.

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