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Connecting modules to automate a sale process

This could involve more than one module working together but the idea is to increase the customer base and sales more effectively while browsing the shop.

The customer arrives at the shop, browses 3-4 products. After this time, pop-up module will come up to ask to register for a newsletter for example entering the name and email.

With this information, it will check if the user is in the database, otherwise it will also create it and the user will be logged in at the same time.

If the customer chooses not to purchase, with this customer data, it will automate a call to email them about the products like the Abandoned cart module does. But WHY do the products need to be in cart?

Do you add an item in a cart if you walk into Apple store? But you are still interested in a purchase.

So now you have the customer data and the products they are interested in. You could also create a specific Mailchimp list somehow relating to this category of products.

Now the database realises the user is interested in some products which are in stock and has not made any purchase on them, it can use 2-3 different email templates to target a range of products including the products looked at and RELATED products.

All this data is already in the cart, but there is no way X-cart processes this. you have to wait for a customer to register/login AND add an item to their cart. Imagine the percentage who dont do those two things. Here is a big gap in lost sales.

Amazon seems to do this process very well

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