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No one has done this to my knopwledge and just imagine this Hot Idea.

Person goes to the Cart and buys a product.

They are given a choice:

1) Tell 1-3 people about it (via email tracking) and recieve EITHER a percentage discount for future purchases, OR a free gift, and they can choose.

2) When those 1-3 people receive the product offer via Email, they get the SAME OFFER to tell their friends as well, and so on.

Not sure about the number of "levels" but it would need to mathematically calculate correct.

I guess that ADMIN would set that up inside based on a dollar amount, or the product type or something.


They need to be able to setup the offer, and it needs to be SIMPLE to use.

They need to setup the number of levels, the product, the discount etc ...

This whole script could be an ADD ON and available for purchase for a fee. I guess about $150 or so would be attractive.

Full Email Tracking would need to work so that the cart would know who purchased and so that the User could get their credit or Money or Goods.

Got the idea?

No one has done this and image the sales !! It would go crazy.

Its not meant to be an MLM. Its meant to be get something for free if you tell everyone you know.

I would buy one of these as an addition to my cart if you did it.

Can you PLEASE let me know how fast this could be done? I would be interested for sure.

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