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Global shipping estimate options

Setting which allows to define global options for a products delivery time.

eg. Product 1; delivery 1-2 days. At the checkout this will be displayed in terms of the date October 5-8, and it would exclude weekends, so will calculate in business days, i.e., when the product can actually be delivered. If it rolls over a saturday, it will count fri-mon.

Product 2. Will have 4-7 days, perhaps its a special order item? or something else. So this will also calculate based on those days the delivery estimate, however if it is combined with both, this will be displayed to the customer. The delivery estimate, can be displayed on the product, cart, checkout pages, to ensure the customer sees all the way through when the delivery is due.

Global setting, so its easy to update in batches of products via csv.

Express option admin may decide is one day. So Get this order tomorrow message can be displayed.

This criteria would also have to acknowledge a cut-off time, as shipping the order at 11pm is unlikely. So store admin would decide at which time, this would take effect.

I have created a simple javascript which does most of this, contact me if you are interested, or please implement into a new module.

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